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Guild News


mikeinalvord, Dec 26, 11 5:40 PM.
I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and pray everyone has a safe New Year. We will soon have an officers meeting along with warbird to discuss future plans. We should be thinking expansion :) have fun n good gaming.


mikeinalvord, Dec 22, 11 10:52 PM.
Well we got our 1st wonder today (YAY) Lets be mindful that the folks we got it from maynot be happy. Prepare def, and make sure when needed we can strike with offence. We will grow and we will win. Just takes time and patience. :)

War Games

mikeinalvord, Dec 21, 11 3:56 AM.
We are starting a series of war games to prepare for future assaults. WT and Rhea will be the generals and will give their orders to other officers. An alliance mail in game has been sent laying out the format and rules. There will be mass troop movement and your troops will be gone for awhile. So leave some troops for def of your cities, BUT this is a full dress rehersal. There should be what you would send in an assault on a bigger player. The object is to garrison my main city ArchAngel. If I garrison you or cut your adv by blocking a vill. Then I win (lol) Lets see if yall can take the ole man down :P as always have fun and good gaming.

P.S. I have full confidence ya'll will succeed. Who can stand against the armies of WarEagle :)

Let the Games begin

mikeinalvord, Dec 20, 11 1:13 PM.
starting tomorrow at 8am server time (12/21/11) we will have a 24hr recruiting contest. The winner will be the member who recruits the most people and recieve a (Sire's construction- 3buildings/72hrs). If your not an officer then ask an officer to accept new recruit for you. Officers keep track of our members recruits. I want to be fair so I am out of the compition since I will be judging. Have fun and enjoy (maybe even smack talk each other alil) its a compition after all :D


mikeinalvord, Dec 20, 11 1:06 PM.
I would like to give shout out to Rhea who was promoted to Elder. I am confident she will fulfill her job in a most excelent way. Gratz Rhea :)
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